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Artistic Journey
Latest Creations & Updates 

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Chris Limeres shows us just that while giving insight into his recent painting experience!! 

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"Blossom of the sea"

Hawaii depicted a planetary system

"The ocean breathes life into the islands as it becomes the root of fruition to its people."   -Chris Limeres

Cosmic Howl

The cosmic howl of the wolf pulsates throughout the universe

"I've always felt that wolves and dogs are somehow cosmically connected to the universe."   -Chris Limeres

Oceans of infinity

Beluga Whale over Space background

The ancients 

"My love of the vast mysterious ocean, and my fondness of these great sea creatures, inspired me to create this piece."  -Chris Limeres

Indigenous Futurism

"The boundless influence of shamanism  through cultures has left its existence from the land to the sea." 
-Chris Limeres

sentience of eywa

The Navi and their ecosystem

"I see the sacred intricacy of the ecosystem and how our very D.N.A is tethered to every moon, plant, and creature ."   -Chris Limeres


 A view of Pandora's  Landscape

"Manhood has its trials but on Pandora, it's the will of the creator who acts upon those who're worthy ."   -Chris Limeres

ferocity upon the blue haven

The Navi's rage fills the heavens as humanity descends upon their haven

"I wanted to illustrate the statement into the belly of the beast but through the lens of science fiction."   -Chris Limeres

Sensuality of the sea

A sensual Navi woman exits the waters of Pandora

"There are many magnitudes of beauty. I want to pull you into a new reality of  sensuality seen through the lens
of sci-fi."  -Chris Limeres

the soulfulness of the  na'vi

Kiri the Navi amdist the  sentient ocean life

"Seeing this moment on film, I was in awe. Kiri's eyes gaze over the ocean, her innocence preserved through the serenity below."   -Chris Limeres

metallic enchantress

Humanities beauty is preserved and immortalized through technology

"This painting symbolizes the fusion between technology and our own flesh and blood and how we coexist."   
-Chris Limeres

celestial jungle 

Between a cosmic jungle lies the spotted beast which prowls on a planet of Rock  & Roll

"The roar of the beast echoes through the vastness of space and into the strings of a guitar riff manifested by Def Leppard." 
-Chris Limeres

one & a million beneath the stars

Aaliyah's existence after death is preserved in the cosmos and heavens

"Aaliyah's unfortunate passing left a hole in the universe, but her legacy is eternal like the grandness of space."   
-Chris Limeres

moonlight lover 

An image of grace, beauty, sensuality, and mysticism

"This painting is based upon a popular diva and her admiration for an esteemed lover."   -Chris Limeres

the spirit of hawaii

The Dance echoes the voices of the Hawaiian people

"Capturing artistically the rich beauty and joyous spirit of the Hawaiian people and the Islands."   -Chris Limeres

universal reach 

The Celestial Hand stretches far among a sea of stars and galaxies

"The concept appeared in a dream. A hand outstretched created great change. Its essence carried far into the stars." 
-Chris Limeres


Dogtopia is a planet full of surreal life forms and magic

"The presence of dogs in my life transcends time. I pictured the jobs I worked at as a sanctuary planet I called it Dogtopia."   -Chris Limeres

a canine's hEAVENLY GAZE

A sequel to Dogtopia this piece explores the intricacy of sci-fi environments

"The power of companionship lies in our relations to our loved ones. We are bound by our existence to animals. Inspired by The Neverending Story ." 
-Chris Limeres

rise of serpiente emplumada

The rise of the Aztec gods echoes for eternity

"The title translates to feathered serpent god known as quetzalcóatl  praised by the Mesoamerican people his plume of feathers reflects his regalia!"   
-Chris Limeres

faith of the creator

The cosmic Maiden carries the vitality to form culture in the universe

"With loving hands outstretched She provides the natural resources. I was inspired by magical powers in films."   -Chris Limeres

N.y state of mind upon the nile

NAS is prolific through his work he creates worlds and realities full of power

"I've always felt that NAS was this prolific figure in Hip-Hop as his older work depicted him through a historical lens." 
-Chris Limeres

the expanse

Technology and Traditionalism clash like two opposing forces

"I felt compelled to bring this painting to the public as it shows the issues of modernism and how it can take over the natural world."   -Chris Limeres

shamu's essence

Shamu is a signature example at Sea world of how valuable our ocean life is

"A painting I created for the commemoration of the Seaworld legend in all his glory."   -Chris Limeres

iris of serenity

The iris and eye itself contains our creator's power

"There is a combination of soothing and focused thought behind the eyes."   -Chris Limeres


The Polynesians were expert navigators, it allowed them to reach blessed landmarks

"Maka Nani shows the past; it translates to beautiful eyes in Hawaiian. They guide us to a world of meaning" 
-Chris Limeres

trials of land & sea

Sinbad's voyage takes his audience on a visual display of grandeur

"This painting is based around the 1958 classic by the book One Thousand and One Nights it represents an epic journey."   -Chris Limeres

a patient escape

The ultimate escape of grand proportions is told in this narrative illustration

"I thought about highlighting the stellar moments of this movie and giving it a twist in scale and drama." 
-Chris Limeres

Sūn Wùkōng

The epic story: Journey to the West is a powerful context of Chinese History

"The name translates to the Monkey King. This unique Chinese tale represents individualistic heroism and faith." 
-Chris Limeres

i'm safer in your arms at the sound of a melody

A lover's touch is secured through a kiss and a place of sensuality

"When the music video for Don Toliver's Drugs & Hella Melodies dropped, I felt like replicating the moments of passion."   -Chris Limeres


The underworld was full of a wide array of beasts and demons from which God banished from the heavens

"A three panel tryptic which shows the layers between a nightmarish world and the chaos it forms."   -Chris Limeres

legendary live eternally 

Tupac's existence is eternal like the stars and the planetary systems

"The title is a quote by Tupac; to me, it means that after death, my words and actions carry on like the universe." 
-Chris Limeres

beyond the veil 

Beauty is masked and hidden through a veil

Her voice is shielded in a veil of blue; gold is adorned around her delicate nature, yet deep in her piercing eyes, shrouded in a veil, there is a fierceness. 

-Chris Limeres




Quetzalcóatl The elder god of the Mesoamerican Pantheon

His name meant feathered serpent he was known as a creator deity who brought forth the wind, rain, and livelihood to the Mesoamerican people. 

-Chris Limeres





Also known as the Reef Triggerfish it's the state fish of Hawaii it was said to be Kamapua'a the hog child who was a shapeshifter who possessed mystical powers from the gods. 

-Chris Limeres



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