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"The roar of the beast echoes through the vastness of space and into the strings of a guitar riff manifested by Def Leppard." 
-Chris Limeres




Style: Adult / Large 22" x 22" Bandana


Not just for cowboys and bandits, these square bandanas take on your artwork or text in full, vibrant color. Fashionable and functional, cover your nose and mouth, protect your neck, or use it as an adorable dog accessory!



  • All over edge-to-edge printed design
  • Lightweight fabric that breathes well and dries quickly
  • Two sizes available: 18" x 18" and 22" x 22"
  • Printed on one side only
  • Reusable. Wash with proper sanitization after each use


  • Please note that the our bandana face coverings are not intended as medical/personal protective equipment

Cosmic Power Bandana

  • shipping: 4–7 business days within the US, 9–18 days internationally


    Local orders are much more faster if you live in San Antonio!

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